Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekend Recap

I love when I get to spend a ton of time outside on the weekend, both doing things and also doing nothing.  This weekend was one of those weekends.  Plus, I got froyo.  So that's always a win. 

It started with working from home on Friday, which was very pleasant.  I don't think I'd want to do it every day, because I'd never have any human interaction.  But occasionally it's nice to work from your couch in sweats and get a little break from the dull drone of coworkers. 

Working from home also meant that we got a earlier start to the evening, and made it down to my dad's at a reasonable time.  Enough time to pick up my sister and go grab pizza and froyo for dinner and dessert.  Then it was back to the house to watch Love It Or List It before calling it an early night. 

As usual, Saturday started early with a 5:30 a.m. wake up call, as Bailey was looking for his walk.  He wanted to switch it up, and we went down a different street than we normally do.  What a crazy way to start the weekend!

After some eggs and toast for breakfast, it was off to the reservoir for a SUP lesson.  It was only my second time on a stand up paddleboard, but I really love it.  It's a great workout that doesn't really seem like a workout.  My only complaint was that we had to wear full on life vests (instead of the PFDs that strap around your waist like a Spi Belt).  So, crappy tan lines.  Which means that when we got back to my dad's house, I laid around on the hammock for a while (and fell asleep for a little while, until I realized that I was really hot).   

After a nice half-nap in the sun, I decided to take care of my neglected garden.  Which meant weeding, digging up some unwanted plants, and using the hedge trimmer to cut back some others (which is so fun!).  And also, dragging the really heavy garbage can around the back yard.  

Finally, at around 4 p.m., I decided to take a shower and put on real clothes. I spent an hour or so inside watching Girl Meets World (not sure how I feel, but I feel I owe it to them to watch) and Say Yes to the Dress.  Then, we piled into the car to meet my dad in Ocean Grove for dinner (pizza again, which was really hot and burned the crap out of my mouth), a concert (doo wop, which we didn't actually pay to see, but just hung out outside with the unwashed masses and "audited") and ice cream (mint chocolate chip and cookie dough hot fudge sundae).  

I slept well that night!  Even Bailey was pooped, and slept in until 6 a.m. on Sunday.  Then, it was walk time!

Since I was already up early, and it was getting hot out, I left at about 8 a.m. on Sunday morning to go to the park and do a hilly walk/run.  Despite my best efforts to beat the heat, it was still hot.  And my legs were tired from SUP and gardening on Saturday, so it wasn't my best run.  But whatever, it's better than nothing. 

When I got home, it was time to help dad trim the hedges for a while.  After showering and heading the the store with my sister for groceries, my dad and I went to the Red Bank Rockin' Country Festival for lunch and some country music for a few hours. Oh, and for a mechanical bull ride.  Which is a lot harder than it looks. 

It was a great weekend, but Sunday night called for some relaxing, which included the World Cup, a yummy dinner, and a bath.  Which is really a great way to cap off a great weekend.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Muck it for MS

Last Saturday I joined my brother, my sister, her boyfriend, and two of his friends to form the Filthy Mudbloods team to participate in the NJ Muck Fest, which is organized by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  This has become sort of an annual thing for my sister and me - it's a fun way to raise awareness for MS and pretend that we're kids again for a few hours.  Plus, my nickname growing up was Muddy Megan, so it's clearly right up my alley. 

We usually try to get in one of the earlier waves, but this year, due to a change in how the organizers allocated the start times, we ended up with a 1 p.m. wave. Which could have been bad, but it wasn't too hot that day, so it turned out just fine. 

We started off all nice and clean: 

And ended up not so much: 

In between, there were about 20 or so obstacles filled with water and mud.  they included cargo nets, various methods of traversing pools of water, and numerous was to get from one side of a muddy pit to the other.  

The only obstacle that I skipped was the one where you jump form a platform about eight feet high into a pool of water.  I don't like jumping off of things of any height.  
I had no problems jumping from the swing. Source
This is clearly a very serious endeavor. Source

Truth be told, it's a charity event, so the obstacles weren't the hardest.  There weren't any walls to scale or fire to jump over or electricity to run through.  No ice cold water or precarious slippery slopes to run up.  But that's fine.  It's meant to be more all-inclusive and fun.  Which it definitely was. 

Plus, there was about three and a half miles of running through the woods and up and down hills.  Oh, the hills.  But I like hills and woods, so it's ok. 
Spirit fingers were in abundance.
Muddy sisters at the finish. Source

After the the run, we rinsed off and then headed over to McLoone's Boathouse to cash in on our free beers and enjoy the music and sun.

All in, the event raised over $375,000 to support the National MS Society.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Workout Wednesday: The Compound

I love compound exercises - combine a few together, and you can get a quick and effective full body workout.  They also keep you (or at least me) from getting bored.  Doing a bunch of squats in a row gets tiring, both mentally and physically, but combine a squat with a shoulder press and the set goes by much quicker.  Throw in a few quick cardio moves and you're all set.